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My Sport After School

Our After School program is the ideal place for parents looking for something different than traditional daycare.  Time is set aside for homework as soon as the kids arrive from school.  After a healthy snack the kids hit the courts for a warm-up and learning the sport of the day.  The best part is the program offers flexibility for parents who want their child to participate in different sports after school but may not need 5 days per week of After School. 

Make sure to browse the rest of the My Sport website to find out more about the curriculum, facility and coaches utilized by our After School Program. 

We also offer weekly summer camps as well as camps during school holidays.

Annual Schedule

We cover a number of sports and activities during the course of the school year.  Each day we focus on a different primary sport/activity with several other secondary activities.  This format keeps things fun at the same time it allows our coaches to teach the basic skills.

The Method

We follow a Long Term Athletic Development approach and our curriculum has been designed by experts in early childhood physical fitness.   The physical activity pyramid breaks down our progression.  The end result of our method is that your child will be physically fit and prepared to take on a variety of sports and activities.  Even if he or she has already chosen to focus on a specific sport, the foundational skills developed in My Sport help with any sport.  



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For more information, contact Morgan Rooks (770) 614-6686 x130 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.