Hoops 360 Travel Basketball


Hoops 360 Travel Basketball

Start Date
End Date
monday, wednesday, thursday
Grades Offered (Boys)
4th - 11th

Hoops 360 Travel Basketball is a tryout based program for mid to high level players looking for individual skill development and competitive team play in local, recognized tournaments. 360 Travel Ball will prepare your child to excel in any basketball environment, whether it’s for their middle or high school program. The coaching staff is experienced and understands the importance of individual and team play! Hoops 360 Travel Basketball Program will provide you son/daughter a platform with which to grow in stature both on and off the court.

This program provides everything a player needs to excel all in one place throughout the year.  The Select program includes individual and advanced skill development training, competitive teams, basketball specific speed and strength training, pre-season conditioning, college prep and more.

All training and practices take place at Suwanee Sports Academy.