Suwanee Sports Academy is offering full-court rentals, and  half-court rentals, for travel teams, trainers and parents who would like to begin getting their players back in the gym and basketball ready for the summer.  Teams are allowed to resume full practices and small group training.   The cost is $75/hour for full-court, and $40/hour for half-court .   Guidelines and policies can be found below.   

If you have questions, please email Vincent Scales:  

Court Rental Policies as of 6/15/2020

1. No more than 10 people per half-court, to include coaches, parents or trainers and no more than 25 people for full-court, to include coaches, parents or trainers. 

2. All players must keep shirts, and shoes, on at all times while in the facility.  (No “shirts versus skins” activities)
3. Participants will have their temperature taken before entering the facility.  Persons who have a temperature of 100.4 degrees, or higher, will not be permitted to enter the facility.
4. Only participants that have a reserved court will be allowed in the facility.  You must remain outside the facility until an SSA staff member screens you. (Spectators not allowed.  Only parents that are coaches/trainers are allowed in the facility, all other parents must remain outside)

5.  Teams must leave the facility immediately following a practice.  No coaches meetings, or team huddles, are allowed in the facility.

6.  If multiple teams, from the same organization, are practicing back to back on the same day, teams must remain outside until 5 minutes before the start time of practice. (For example: if there is a team from your organization practicing at 6:00 pm, and your practice begins at 7:00 pm, you will be allowed in the facility at 6:55 pm).
7. All visitors must sanitize their hands before beginning any activities.
8. Visitors will only use the designated bathrooms.
9. Visitors will only use the designated Entrance and Exit.
10. All participants' personal items must be placed in the designated area that you are assigned to.
11. All participants must bring their own water, or other liquid, to the facility.  You also have the option of purchasing liquids from the vending machines but you must have the exact change.  The water fountain will not be used.  
12. Coaches must always monitor their players.  You are only allowed to use the designated court for your players.
13. All bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized several times throughout the day and will be sanitized at the end of the night.
14. No more than 3 people in a bathroom at a time.
15. CDC guidance will be adhered to at all times and signage will be posted throughout the facility.
16. All SSA staff will have their temperatures taken before entering the facility to begin their shift.
17. SSA staff will take everyday preventive actions to prevent the spread of any diseases or illnesses.