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Suwanee Pickleball Club

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Join us in our first ever Suwanee Pickleball Ladder League! 


The Suwanee Sports Academy is not about to let this pandemic slow us down! We have made major adjustments in the building to ensure that we are adhering to all COVID-19 safety protocols. It is our number one priority to provide a safe and clean facility for any event. Although open play has been temporarily postponed, we thought this would be a great time to start a ladder league! There will by limited spots available to maintain participate numbers on court. Only registered players may enter the building. 

The ladder league is designed so that players battle for the top rung of the ladder. Players will be grouped by similar skill level the first week. Player will either move up or down the ladder depending on their weekly results. The results will be calculated according to total "wins" and total points each week.

Completed registration and COVID-19 signed waiver will be required by no later than Wednesday, Sept. 23rd

*You must commit to at least 5 of the 8 weeks to play. You can also contact Morgan Rooks if you would like to be an alternate.*

Registration Fee: $35 per player ( 8 weeks)

Dates: Sunday's at 6:00pm (Sept. 27th- Nov. 15th) *Start times and court assignments will be sent out weekly*

Courts: 9 Indoor courts

Ball: Red Penn 26 - Indoor Balls



Contact: Morgan Rooks or 678-541-0287 to learn more.