Suwanee Sports Academy (SSA) will not tolerate the abuse/molestation of any minor participant in an SSA activity by any individual who volunteers or performs work on behalf of SSA.

Neither consent of the participant to the contact, mistake as to the participant’s age, nor the fact the contact did not take place at a SSA function are defenses to a violation of this SSA policy.

In determining whether this policy has been violated, SSA will make decisions based on the safety of minor participants. Therefore, any alleged perpetrator will be prohibited from volunteering until an investigation can be conducted. Upon determination that the policy has been violated, the violator will be permanently banned from all SSA activities and from volunteering/working on behalf of the organization.

SSA will conduct a criminal background check on all prospective and current volunteers and employees when he/she is hired and every three years thereafter. If SSA learns of a prospective or current volunteer or employee who has been convicted of a crime that is sexual in nature involving an adult or a minor, that individual will be permanently banned from all SSA activities and from volunteering or working on behalf of SSA.